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Do you want to give a friend, relative or maybe a colleague the opportunity to withdraw cash from the ATM on your card or maybe you urgently need cash but do not have the card available?

Cash by Code from Victoriabank is the solution!

Cash by Code gives you more mobility and the freedom to access money easily and quickly, anywhere and anytime. Thus, you can withdraw money from the ATM even without having the card with you, just by entering a special 10-digit code, consisting of two components: 5 digits that are in your possession and 5 digits received by SMS to the phone of the person who will withdraw the money from the ATM.

To use the Cash by Code service you only need:

To better understand how Cash by Code works, see the Guide

Frequently asked questions

How long is the Cash Code valid?

24 hours,during which the users of Victoriabank online banking applications can request its cancellation, if they want to change the amount of the operation or cancel it permanently.

Is there a minimum / maximum limit per transaction?

Yes! The maximum limit  for withdrawals without the presence of the card per transaction is 3,000 MDL and the minimum 50 MDL. The transaction amount must be divisible by 50 (50 MDL, 100 MDL, 150 MDL, 200 MDL, 250 MDL, 300 MDL ... 2900 MDL, 2950 MDL, 3000 MDL)

Can I cancel the Cash Code?

Yes! And that's easy, see details

At which ATM can I withdraw money through Cash Code?

At any Victoriabank ATM, from the wide network of about 200 ATMs from all over the country

In what currency can I withdraw money from the ATM?

In MDL,regardless of the currency of the card account from which the operation is carried out!

Can I reuse or reactivate the Cash Code?

Cash by Code is a unique code, it is not possible to reuse / reactivate it or withdraw partial amounts using the same code.

How secure is the Cash by Code service?

Cash by Code has been made so that your money is always safe. The system will generate a unique 5-digit code that will appear in the window of the mobile or web application of the initiator of the operation, the other part of the code, also of 5 digits, will be sent on the phone number of the person withdrawing the money from the ATM.

Who can I send the code to?

We recommend that you send the code only to trusted people!

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